About EMCO

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About EMCO

The lack of affordable regulatory pharmaceutical software resulted in a gap in the ablity of small and medium companies to fulfill the ressential regulatory needs. EMCO came into a conclusion that in order to fulfill the gap we must acquire an advanced knowledge in both information technology and regulatory fields and to utilize that to understand Egyptian pharmaceutical market dynamics

EMCO provides pharmaceutical software products , pharmacovigilance services and regulatory services that the Egyptian pharmaceutical market needs.

With these motives as foundation and a vicious ambition to provide the market needs as a cornerstone Egyptian medicine company “EMCO” was established

Believing that EMCO was establish to provide pharmaceutical market needs, we couldn’t neglect the fact that consulting services is deeply needed in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market and based on our experience EMCO has proudly offered its consulting services in the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry giving the upcoming companies and investments in the medicine market a boost and a head start into success by providing consultations in the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing field


After a while Our market researchers saw another need in the pharmaceutical market for products with certain criteria and as we always keen on providing the Egyptian pharmaceutical market with its needs EMCO brought “NOOR” halal natural vitamins to the Egyptian pharmaceutical market as a first of many products yet to come


Our Vision

  • Committing ourselves to introduce a medicine of value
  • Raise the bar for pharmaceutical services standards in Egypt
  • Utilize the use of information technology to the benefit of medical software future
  • Giving the upcoming leaders in the medical field a head start and a boost by providing consulting services regarding the Egyptian medical market

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